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Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Sayadaws Antar Tasker Rosa
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby
Traditional Siberian Forest Cat
Making Supreme Grand Champion in his first three shows. Making enough points to be a regional winner in just four shows. This stunning boy managed to get to 7th best cat in Western Europe for 2016-2017 Season. Let's not forget his 4 X Best Cat in Show awards for the year too. All this in just eleven shows. He only went outside the U.K. once.
We told him he could retire after all that but he has stated he would like to go again. We are thinking about this and as his adult coat is starting to arrive it is tempting.
We will keep you Posted.
Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion
Sayadaws Saladin Son Ver Sevasti
Black Silver Shaded With White
Traditional Siberian Forest Cat
Saladin is a very large boy. When on the show bench his size meant he could not be ignored.
He has now finished his Show career. He became the 14th Best All Breed Cat in our region so became a Western Europe Regional Winner. He also became the 3rd best Siberian in the world 2015-2016

Regional Winner Grand Champion
Mario Sniezny Urwis Of Sayadaws


Traditional Siberian Forest Cat
Thank you to Renata Gruszka for this fantastic boy who has come to grace our household.
He has been to 4 shows while a kitten and in those shows, has managed 25 finals. He ended 18th best all breed kitten in Western Europe becoming a regional winner.
Since then he has been to the odd show becoming a Grand Champion and is waiting his confirmation of Triple Grand Champion.